I would have anticipated buying a first home as being confusing, frightening, and overwhelming.  Neither Andrew nor I have experienced any stressful feelings working with the Marley team.  It’s rather astonishing!


From the very first moment, you were both total professionals.  Our questions and concerns were always addressed and dealt with promptly.  All communications were followed up by written correspondence. This gave us the much-needed opportunity to look back and re-check anything we forgot from a phone call or meeting.  We received guidance, kindness, and most of all informative wisdom – all with a smile.


You not only have our 100% approval rating for stellar service and overall satisfaction, but also our future referrals.  If and when we do move, you can be assured we will have you as our listing agents, walking us through the process once again with a smile.

Jacqueline Rodman and Andrew Shlosser - Buyers

I had no idea of how messy and complicated selling a property in California could be.  Your professional and efficient management of the overall process minimized my stress, while addressing my concerns of maximizing the price and moving the property in a timely manner.  Considering the fact that I had moved out of the area and was doing this long distance, it seems to me there was plenty of opportunity for a lot of things to go wrong.


Having now been through this as a client, I have a better idea of what it takes to do the job well.  The 'whole package' requires experience, preparation, attentiveness, attention to detail, marketing/pricing strategy, presentation, salesmanship, negotiation, technical expertise, communication, follow-up, and most important, integrity.  Jennifer and Stacy demonstrated the highest measure of all of these qualities in their flawless handling of my affairs for which I'll always be grateful.

David Gilchrist - Seller

I had the pleasure of working with The Marley Team on my recent home purchase.  This was my first purchase, so I probably had many more concerns than a person who has purchased many homes. I am an extremely calculated person, who likes to really think things out before buying. Unfortunately, in this housing market the luxury of taking your time is not there because of the competition for the top-notch properties. This combination raised my stress level quite a bit. The Marley Team put forth one of the most diligent, tireless efforts I have ever witnessed in my life during my purchase. They answered all of my questions, calmed my fears and concerns while showing a strong backbone during all negotiations. They always made me feel like I was their only client. They promptly answered all of my emails and responded to all of my phone calls. They made sure I understood all I needed to in making my purchase and diligently followed up on all the details. They did all of this with a non-stop smile on their face.

I would recommend The Marley Team to anyone who wants to make the important purchase of a home as clear, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible!
Albert Mandile - Buyer

The Marley Team is exceptional! True professionals! They took the time to get to know me and to find out what I wanted in a home. They eliminated a lot of stress associated with the purchase by explaining and guiding me through the home buying process. They found my perfect house and got my offer accepted with very little of my time required. I will never use another real estate agent again. I recommend them highly.
Kelly Blice - Buyer

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and hard work you put into helping me secure my home in Sunnyvale. As we all know purchasing a home can be a true challenge and may sometimes be very stressful. Because of your efficiency and professionalism this task was accomplished in such a smooth manner. I could not have chosen a better real estate team to represent and work with me! Thanks again!
Digna Quintong - Buyer

The Marley Team were the best agents I have ever worked with! I have bought and sold numerous homes and have never seen agents with as much enthusiasm for me, their client. They worked diligently through the entire process, negotiated the best deal for me, and always gave excellent customer service. I will recommend them to all of my friends!
Simon Albrecht - Seller

Thank you for going above and beyond what was expected to make selling our first home a pleasant experience. You have shown us time and time again that you client's needs come first! 
Tammy and Jim McCarthy - Seller